100 Days of Action

In just 100 days, since the swearing in of the Coalition Government, we have delivered on our commitments for stronger economic and border security, more jobs, lower taxes and stronger regions.

We have announced major funding programs that deliver vital infrastructure for cities and the regions and job-creating industries into the long term.


  • ensure job security and opportunity
  • guarantee access to quality health care
  • ensure a strong education system
  • have a safer community
  • grow small and medium businesses and create more jobs for our kids
  • build transport and other infrastructure that meets our needs


  1. Secured Australia’s 25th consecutive year of economic growth. Our growth is faster than every G7 economy
  2. Protected our borders and made our nation more secure with over 800 days having passed without a successful people smuggling venture
  3. Delivered a personal income tax cut to 500,000 middle income Australians
  4. Fairer and more flexible superannuation into the future
  5. Delivered $11 billion of budget repair
  6. Making bank CEOs answerable to the public through regular appearances before Parliament
  7. Legislated to protect volunteer firefighters from union takeovers
  8. Reintroduced bills to restore the rule of law and stop union thuggery in the construction sector
  9. Secured the naval shipbuilding industry and jobs into the future
  10. Strengthened trade and defence ties with Singapore to create thousands of new jobs
  11. Strengthened the US alliance in defence, counter-terrorism and cyber security
  12. Reintroduced legislation to crack down on illegal firearms trafficking
  13. More protection for women and children from domestic violence
  14. Growing our industries with record commodity prices and a $2.5 billion water infrastructure roll-out to support farmers and the resource sector
  15. Fixed the problems in Vocational Education and Training and cracked down on dodgy providers
  16. Increased digital literacy and improved school resourcing
  17. Supported more indigenous Australians through skills, jobs and language
  18. Signed new City Deals to improve housing and expand public transport
  19. Accelerated the broadband build, with 28 per cent of premises able to get connected. The figure is even higher at 43 per cent in regional Australia
  20. Secured an agreement with the states on energy security and reforms for affordable, reliable power
  21. Protected Medicare, improved primary health care and made over 2,000 medicines cheaper
  22. Saving lives through a National Cancer Screening Register
  23. Simplifying private health care
  24. Improved mental health services
  25. Supported the South Australian steel sector and jobs by providing a $49.2 million loan to Arrium
  26. Addressing long-term welfare dependence
  27. Delivering better tax arrangements for working holiday makers, including backpackers
  28. Delivering better child care for one million Australians and lifting immunisation rates
  29. Committed to new resettlement programs for genuine refugees as a result of our strong border policies
  30. Boosted Australia’s place in the world with access to new world markets and stronger ties including with East Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom