Businesses to benefit from RAAF’s new Globemaster C-17 aircraft

Businesses in Queensland, including in Ipswich, will have a chance to contribute to $300-million in upgrade works at the Royal Australian Air Force’s Amberley base.

The massive project include hangar and tarmac works are required to upgrade the base to host two new Boeing C-17A Globemaster aircraft ordered by the Australian Government.

The $1-billion project spend was raised by Queensland Senator James McGrath at estimates hearings the Senate Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Legislation Committee in Canberra.

“In terms of the upgrade at Amberley, there’ll be some opportunities for Queensland businesses to participate in that?” Senatro McGrath asked.

“Certainly (in) civil engineering, I think there’s some big opportunities for that,” Air Marshall Geoff Brown, Chief of Air Force, said.

The Government announced the aircraft purchase decision in April, with the first of the $350-million aircraft expected to arrive mid-year and the second before year’s end.

It will bring Australia’s C-17 fleet to eight aircraft. The C-17s are described as a workhorse, participating in humanitarian work, troop transport and re-supply missions.

“Where have they been used in operations this year,” Senator McGrath asked.

“Certainly most recently in Vanuatu, we had two aircraft involved in that - and two C-130s – and they moved about *1.5-million pounds of gear there, and they were certainly involved in the Nepal operations, as well they’re still significant in our re-supply to the Middle East,” Air Marshall Brown said

*681 tonnes