Hungry for hotcakes – McDonald’s boss asked to show us the sugar, sugar

The origins of McDonald’s famous hotcake syrup has come under fire from the nation’s capital today, with Queensland LNP Senator James McGrath compelled to question the company’s use of American syrup on Australian hotcakes.

Speaking from Canberra, Senator McGrath said he was a huge fan of the iconic breakfast dish, but was disappointed to recently discover the sugary goodness was made in the USA.

“I have a sweet tooth and like a good dose of syrup with my hotcakes. However I was rather dismayed during a recent visit, when I noticed that the hotcake syrup was not produced locally,” Senator McGrath said.

“What could possibly be so magical about this imported American syrup?”

Senator McGrath has quickly penned a letter to McDonald’s Australia CEO Andrew Gregory asking for an explanation.

“McDonald’s has a strong history of using Australian-grown ingredients in its menu options,” he said.

“So, as a proud Australian, I ask quite seriously: can McDonald’s please use Australian syrup instead?

Senator McGrath said Queensland had some of the finest sugar producers in the world and it only seemed fitting that companies like McDonald’s supported local industries where possible.

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