Woohoo. It's Wednesday. Hump Day! McGrath's things to click while faffing and ignoring Bill Shorten

Dear Friend, 

If our Trade Minister Andrew Robb was an athlete, you would test him for steroids.

After clocking up free trade agreements with Japan, South Korea and China he is now showing off with his brilliant work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP as it is known amongst friends). The TPP is the biggest global trade deal in 20 years covering 12 countries that together make up 40 per cent of the global economy.

Australia’s TPP partners account for a third of all Australian two-way trade and almost half of all inwards and outwards investment. Ignore the naysayers, the TPP eliminates 98 per cent of all tariffs on Australian exports, delivering an outstanding result for our beef, dairy, wine, sugar, rice, horticulture, seafood, manufactured goods, energy and resources exporters. Game on and find out more here. Labor’s Shadow Trade Minister is Penny Wong. Enough said.


Chip Update

Followers on Facebook will be aware of my unabated spit-flecked hatred for the beer-battered chip. A concept that ruins two of my main food groups. What is wrong with the good old-fashioned PLAIN chip? The Oasis Roadhouse at The Lynd at the intersection of the Kennedy (the Hann Highway) and Gregory Development Roads has edged out Karumba’s Ash’s Café for the best chips in Queensland. I have just drooled on the keyboard, which is rather unedifying.

GULLA (Green Union Labor Lefty ABC) Watch

Bill Shorten is a fake at everything except dodgy union deals where he excels as the genuine article. As Chairman of the Bill Shorten Appreciation Society (LNP Branch) it is my melancholy duty to draw your attention to the clear and present danger facing our country under his leadership. Whether $300,000 in payments made to the AWUShorten’s miserable appearance at the Trade Union Royal Commission, the CFMEU shredding or Fair Work Building Commission report into union badness, Australia will suffer and all will be poorer. 

And if the prospect of Bill Shorten as PM doesn’t frighten the frills off your smalls then the knowledge that Bill and the unions have a $30 million war chest will keep you awake at night. The unions will fight long and dirty at our next election for power as they are losing out on membership. Just over one in ten private sector workers are union members which rises to one in six when government workers are included according to this data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

Political Ad Chat

Canada is a bit depressing. Deep sigh. At least in Sir Lanka my good friend Ranil Wickramasinghe leader of our sister Party, the United National Party won the Parliamentary elections and is again Prime Minister. Check out their ads here and quite addictive campaign song here. But for a bit of red meat you can’t go past these ads from BushRubioTrump and Carson. Or what about the new Star Wars trailer?

Kids Who Are So Done with Weddings

No cat or dog videos this time but the next best thing with these kids and the top 100 House of Commons moments. While I question the sanity of the patriot who compiled the video, I am grateful for their earnest endeavour.

Richard Nixon’s House - Win Lotto on the Weekend?

One of Richard Nixon’s old homes, La Casa Pacifica, known as the Western White House was listed for sale here while in Texas the largest American ranch is on the market for an eye-watering amount. Not to be outdone, back home we have the largest patch of earth for sale.

Key Seat of the Email

Kennedy, oh Kennedy, where art thou? Kennedy is missing out because while Bob Katter is good at talking (and boy can he talk) he doesn’t deliver. Two days after being sworn into my new role I was in Mount Isa with Noeline Ikin as we embarked on another listening tour to Cloncurry, Richmond, Hughenden, the Hann Highway, the Oasis Roadhouse (best chips in Queensland, see above) before leaving Noeline behind in Georgetown. Noeline has produced this animation on my bete noire, the Yellow Crazy Ants where Macca and I are the fetching skinny Senators at the end.


Until next time, keep flying the flag of freedom,



PS - There are only six months to our Queensland council elections so click here to get involved. Don’t forget to send this email to lefty friends to really annoy them. I thrive on their personal abuse.

PPS - While some have welcomed the election of IRA-supporting, mad lefty Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader of the British Labour Party as tactically great for the Tories. I disagree. More on why next time.