PM invited to consider online Govt spending transparency portal

Queensland Senator James McGrath has formally invited Prime Minister Tony Abbott to investigate his idea for an online transparency portal that lists all Government spending for all to see.

Senator McGrath has written to Mr Abbott suggesting the idea would encourage “low, open and accountable government spending in Australia”.

“A transparency portal would provide a powerful incentive for government departments to be more efficient because greater transparency and accountability would enable every Australian taxpayer to be an auditor and judge of wasteful government spending,” Senator McGrath wrote in his letter.

“As a result, we would see a reduction in waste and a fall in government expenditure.”

Senator McGrath launched a petition this week at the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation Council to introduce the portal.

Senator McGrath first raised the idea publicly during a speech recently in the Senate.

“All government spending is money that has been taken as taxes today or debt to be paid for by the taxes of tomorrow,” the Senator said in the speech.

“As the custodian of taxpayer funds, government has a strict obligation to spend those funds wisely and openly.”

Senator McGrath suggested in his letter to Prime Minister Abbott an online portal would be similar to those in the USA and the United Kingdom.

“I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this initiative and other ways that the Coalition can deliver smaller governments for Australians,” Senator McGrath wrote.

The petition supporting the portal can be accessed at: