Cutting Red Tape

Since 2013, the Coalition has transformed the Australian Government’s approach to regulation. This includes the repeal of 10,000 legislative instruments over 3,600 spent and redundant Acts from the Commonwealth books and red tape savings of $5.8 billion.

It has also involved a complete re-think of the Federal Government’s approach to regulation - every Cabinet Submission or significant Government decision requires a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) - to ensure that the regulatory impact of policies and proposed changes are carefully considered on all major Government decisions. Some key areas of improvement are listed below.


Sole Traders: Allowing sole traders to prepare their own tax return using MyTax.

Business employers: From 1 July 2017 small business employers can choose to streamline the way they report payroll and superannuation information to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Digital Technology: Easier tax compliance through a number of new ATO digital initiatives including: a new tool to claim fuel credits; and a new ATO app to make it easy to manage tax and superannuation on the go.


Families: Making it easier for families to claim payments like Child Care Benefit online through the automation of online claim forms - allowing one claims process rather than filling out multiple forms.

Job Seekers: The removal of duplicate processes for job seekers demonstrating they have met participation requirements. 

Charities: No longer subject to as much duplication of paperwork.


Repealing the Carbon Tax and the Mining Tax: saving nearly $100 million in compliance costs.

Redundant legislation: 10,000 legislative instruments and 3,600 spent and redundant Acts have been removed.


Slow moving machinery: Machinery like concrete mixers and wacker packers no longer need to be registered as motor vehicles.

PBS Claims: Removed the need for over 5,600 suppliers to submit hardcopy prescriptions as part of the claim process.


Small Business Hotline: Small businesses can access fast and accurate advice on employment terms and conditions.

Single Window for international trade: The Australian Government is working towards a system that will allow businesses to lodge documentation just once to fulfil Australian export and import regulatory requirements. The Single Window will reduce complexity, streamline regulatory requirements and improve access to relevant information.

Government Procurement: Using standard contract terms for Government procurements under $200,000 and credit cards for payments under $20,000 so small business can be paid sooner.

Small Business Superannuation Clearing House: The ATO launched this free service which enables small business to make super payments via a single electronic payment to the Clearing House - which then distributes the payments to employees’ funds.

ONE STOP SHOPS FOR BUSINESS This website helps small businesses to access Government information, programmes and support.

Australian Small Business Advisory Services Programme: Provides low-cost advisory and information services to small businesses and potential future small businesses on: funding avenues and financial analysis; building your business; management capabilities and digital engagement.


Australia Post: Reforms implemented to modernise Australia Post allow for a two-speed letter delivery service comprising a Priority Service and a Regular Service. The reforms reduce the need for overnight processing and facilitate increased automation of sorting – saving approximately $187 million per year in costs.


Primary Producers: In 2015, the Minister for Agriculture announced improved tax depreciation measures for primary producers. The measures allow all primary producers to immediately write off capital expenditure on fencing and water facilities, as well as providing a three year write-off period for fodder storage assets, which means less record keeping and cost.


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