Senator pushes for all government spending to be on the web

Queensland’s Senator James McGrath has called for all government spending to be published on the web so Australian taxpayers can see where taxes are being spent.

Senator McGrath said the “transparency portal” would effectively mean “every Australian taxpayer will become an auditor of government spending”.

In a speech in the Senate Chamber this week, Senator McGrath outlined a system he said would allow greater scrutiny of, and, therefore, would help cut Government spending.

“All government spending is money that has been taken as taxes today or debt to be paid for by the taxes of tomorrow,” Senator McGrath said.

“As the custodian of taxpayer funds, government has a strict obligation to spend those funds wisely and openly.”

He suggested the online portal similar to those introduced in the UK and the USA.

“The challenge at the micro level is ensuring that government spending is accountable, transparent and achieves value for money for taxpayers,” he said.

“To support the ideal of low, open and accountable government spending in Australia, it is my view that all government payment details should be made publicly available online.

“It is by bringing in a system of online transparency for government expenditure that we can achieve greater accountability for taxpayers.

“Equally importantly, we can achieve reductions in government expenditure by highlighting online the how, what, why and when of government spending.

“With easily accessible information, every Australian taxpayer will become an auditor of government spending.

“Every Australian taxpayer will be a judge of how the government spends their money—the taxpayers money. As a result of this transparency, and the resulting accountability, a reduction in wasteful government spending will see a fall in government expenditure.”