Senator raises concerns about Tully defence housing

Concern with the Department of Defence housing in Tully has been raised by Senator James McGrath during senate estimates hearings in Canberra.

However, officials said it was not an issue that has been raised.

“It’s a worry when the people tasked with defending our nation and training those men and women, say they are uncomfortable with the housing offered by the Defence Department,” Senator McGrath said.

“It’s an issue that needs to be addressed, along with a push for more quality housing for personnel in the Tully district.”

Senator McGrath told a Senate Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Legislation Committee hearing that during his visit to Tully earlier this year the issue of defence housing was raised with him.

But senior Defence Housing Australia officials said they were not aware of any such problems.

“It was raised with me that it’s thought that the quality of the housing isn’t fantastic and that some defence personnel are preferring to commute from Townsville each day, rather than shift to Tully, because of the quality of the housing and maybe because housing isn’t available. Are you able to comment on that?” Senator McGrath asked during the estimates hearing last night.

“I’m not able to comment on that, simply because that’s not been brought to our attention,” Peter Howman, Managing Director of DHA, said.

Senator McGrath said he is happy to lobby defence housing on the issue. Otherwise affected defence personnel should directly raise concerns with DHA.

DHA has 13 houses in the Tully/Mission Beach region.