100 days

Today marks 100 days since May 18.

Today marks 100 days since May 18. That is, 100 days of getting on with the job of delivering on our election commitments. Time flies fast, doesn’t it?

We have delivered tax cuts so you can keep more of your own money – up to $1,080 for a single income family or up to $3,160 for dual income families. Lower taxes are good for you.

We are creating the environment for business to create more jobs – 84,000 in the three months since May. Having a job is a good thing.

We are nation building with 160 major projects under construction and a further 120 in planning. We need a Frecklington LNP state government to help deliver even more! But we can do more and we should do more, like dam-building so we can use the rain when it drops. Dams are good.

Most of you know I am a bit of a bore about certain issues and I am about to become a dam bore. In my next missive, I will be launching a campaign for the Bradfield Scheme 2.0.

We are keeping Australians safe with secure borders and by taking action against foreign fighters and those who seek to harm children. We are working to repeal the Medevac bill.

We are taking real action against Lefty lunacy, including law-breaking troglodyte unions and dingbat idiots who threaten farming families, block traffic and want to stop jobs in regional Queensland.

And we are also establishing the Future Drought Fund, extending the instant asset write-off, adding more medicines to the PBS, cutting the deeming rates for pensioners, among other things.

We are delivering a stronger economy, lower taxes, more jobs and better services. That is what we are all about.

If it wasn’t for your support – and the support of millions of ‘quiet Australians’ – Bill Shorten would be Prime Minister, chomping into your wallet like a very hungry caterpillar and taking us a long way down the road to serfdom. So thank you.