Dear Commissioner,

I write with regard to the charity status of Aussie Farms Inc.

As you would be aware, Aussie Farms Inc has been facilitating the unlawful trespass of protesters on private land, and is engaging in a systematic effort to collect, use and disclose personal information to the detriment of hard-working farmers and their families.

This organisation – and the acts that are facilitated by it – is terrorising innocent workers, farmers, and their families. The organisation is encouraging criminal activity.

It is incorrigible that this organisation continues to hold charity status. Not only is the continued charity status of Aussie Farms Inc an insult to Australian farmers and their families, it is an insult to the numerous charities that operate to genuinely better the greater community.

In short, it is not in line with community expectations that an organisation can terrorise farmers and their families yet remain listed as a charity.

I request that you immediately act to strip Aussie Farms Inc of their charity status. They are a criminal front for unAustralian crazy left-wing eco-terrorists.

Yours sincerely,

LNP Senator for Queensland