Abbott Government

A merry Christmas to you, Mr Acting Deputy President. I should say that in case this is the last time I speak here. A merry Christmas to everyone.

The biggest barnacle to getting the budget back under control is the Labor Party. It is the Labor Party that is causing all the budget issues that we are facing here at the moment—the Labor Party and its friends in the Greens. This is the axis of 'just say no'; they are saying no to everything.

Senator Polley: Just like you did when you were in opposition.

Senator McGRATH: You said no to $5.8 billion worth of cuts that you proposed yourselves. You have done an amazing somersault. The Labor Party should go in the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games or even the Tasmanian games: you would get a gold medal. But in the spirit of Christmas, I really would like to thank Senator Moore for allowing us to have this debate. It was supposed to be listed yesterday, but sadly, for whatever reasons, we could—

Senator Polley interjecting—

Senator Smith: They needed an extra 24 hours for their argument.

Senator McGRATH: Thank you, Senator Smith. They need an extra 24 hours for their argument, so they had to get—

Senator Polley interjecting—

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Order! Resume your seat, Senator McGrath. Senator Polley, I did my best to prevent people from interjecting when you were speaking and I ask you to show the same respect.

Senator McGRATH: Labor senators have been very naughty boys and girls and, I will tell you what, Santa Claus will not be visiting Labor Party households this year. He is going to be checking his list twice to see whether they have been naughty or nice, and those opposite have been very, very naughty—very naughty. If they are lucky, they will get a nice lump of Queensland coal in their stockings. As for the Greens, you will get some nice gender neutral coal in your stockings to play with. This is what we are talking about. The Greens, who were not happy with just destroying the economic future of Australian children, have decided to try to destroy Christmas for them. They want to take Christmas away from children with their nonsense about having gender neutral toys for children. What do children want for Christmas? Children want a cuddle and they want some toys to play with. They do not want dogma from the Greens; they do not want leftist tripe from puritanical Grinches. Imagine waking up in a Green household at Christmas. You would have some sort of androgynous dalek, you would have malevolent Barbies and you would have a neutered Peppa Pig. I could not think of anything worse than waking up in a Greens household and then getting the presents afterwards.

Senator O'Sullivan: You would be confused.

Senator McGRATH: You would be very, very confused. But let us get back to talking about this economy. Let us get back to what Labor has done to this economy. Let us get back to that big, big barnacle known as the Labor Party—the Labor Party that has destroyed this country economically, destroyed it through its poor economic management. It started with Kevin Rudd. He said he was an economic conservative.

Senator O'Sullivan: Which time?

Senator McGRATH: We have had many different Kevin Rudds. I think this was the first Kevin Rudd. I am going to quote lines from a speech on 14 November 2007 at the Labor campaign launch in Brisbane. It is a crime scene where he gave this speech, a pure crime scene. He said:

Today I am saying loud and clear that this sort of reckless spending must stop. I am determined that any commitments I make are first and foremost economically responsible.

He made this big show and dance, like a Las Vegas showgirl, about how he was some type of economic conservative. He was anything but.

It is in the DNA of the Labor Party: they get into office and they cannot control themselves. I feel sorry for them; I think they need counselling or some type of help. They get into office and they spend, spend and spend. If you look at the history of this country, it is the Labor Party, now with their good friends the Greens, who constantly destroy the economy. Look at 1931: when we got back in after Joseph Scullin we had to clean up the mess. Look at 1949: we stopped the Labor Party from trying to nationalise the banks—imagine the damage that would have done to the economy. Look at 1975: the damage of Gough Whitlam—Saint Gough. Look at what he did with that three-year Labor administration—compared to the administration in this country between 2007 and 2013, it was probably quite a good Labor administration—the second worst Labor government on record. We had the Hawke-Keating government, which left this country in 1996 with $96 billion worth of debt. We got to 2013 and, once again, the cavalry came along. We had the Liberals and Nationals, the coalition, elected to clean up Labor's mess. And it is Labor's mess. They not only failed to understand how to run a business, how to look at profit and loss sheets, but they also are—

Senator O'Sullivan interjecting —

Senator McGRATH: union barons—thank you, Senator O'Sullivan—who are very good at spending other people's money. When I say 'other people's money' I mean spending their union members' money. So when they get into power it is like they have won Gold Lotto every Saturday night. When Labor are in power they think, 'We've got all this money to spend and we can spend it on all our crazy schemes'. Let us talk about the carbon tax and how that did not work; let us talk about how it destroyed the Australian economy. Let us talk about the mining tax, the world's craziest tax since the Georgians had the window tax. This tax raised very, very little money. The carbon tax was a tax on families who wanted to have things like electricity so that they could operate televisions, fans and turn the oven on—

Senator Smith: Refrigerators.

Senator McGRATH: and refrigerators—thank you, Senator Smith. It was a tax on the cost of living; it was a tax on families. That is why this budget is in trouble. It is not because of anything on this side of the chamber. It is because of the barnacles that are the Labor Party and the Greens party and the damage they have done to this country. And on that, I wish everybody a very merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2015.