About James

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, James spent his childhood across regional Queensland.

James completed undergraduate studies in commerce and law at Griffith University. He later completed postgraduate studies in law at the Queensland University of Technology.

Prior to entering the Senate, James worked in Australia and overseas in various roles, including law, campaigns, public policy, and politics.

James was elected as a Senator for Queensland in 2013, taking up his position on 1 July 2014. His office is based in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.


Ministerial appointments

Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister (from 21 September 2015 to 26 August 2018)
Assistant Minister for Immigration (from 18 February 2016 to 19 July 2016)
Assistant Minister for Regulatory Reform (from 10 March 2016 to 20 December 2017)

Parliamentary party positions

Deputy Manager of Government Business in the Senate (from 30 August 2016 to 22 August 2018)