National Security

I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that under the previous Labor Government:

(i) 800 boats arrived illegally, carrying 50,000 illegal maritime arrivals, and

(ii) 1,200 human lives, including children, were tragically lost at sea;

(b) recognises the success of the Liberal-National Coalition Government’s Operation Sovereign Borders, which has stopped the arrival of illegal maritime arrivals and ended the loss of life at sea;

(c) further recognises that under the Liberal-National Coalition Government integrity has been restored to Australia’s migration programme and the refugee intake has been increased by more than 35%, making Australia one of the most generous resettlement programs in the world;

(d) notes that the current Labor Opposition has supported legislation that undermines the successful work of Operation Sovereign Borders; and

(e) notes the Liberal-National Coalition Government’s commitment to keeping Australia’s borders secure and its citizens safe.

Question agreed to.