Lower taxes. Smaller Government. Greater Freedom.

Senator the Hon. James McGrath

Restoration of WWII Igloo commemorates Australia’s past

John McVeigh Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government James McGrath Senator for Queensland • Milestone reached at the Rocky Creek World War II Igloo at Tolga, QLD • The heritage-listed former WWII entertainment complex will attract visitors...

Lower, fairer and simpler taxes for all working Australians

The Liberal National Coalition Government has delivered income tax relief for hard-working Australian families. In passing our Personal Income Tax plan through the Parliament, the Government has ensured all Australians paying tax will be better off. They will be...

CFMEU racks up record $15m in fines

Workplace Minister Craig Laundy today congratulated the CFMEU for cementing its reputation as Australia’s most lawless union, having clocked up fines totalling more than $15 million. The union cracked the $15 million mark today when the Federal Court fined the WA...

Labor’s attack on Australia Day is an attack on Australians

The Liberal National Coalition will never change the date of Australia Day. Today’s media reports that Bill Shorten’s Victorian Labor Party have proposed moving the date of Australia Day show just how out of touch they are with Australians. Debating this issue shows...

Maiden Speech

14 July 2014

The ying to the yang of low tax is small government—government that trusts people to make their own decisions. In Australia today the growth and centralisation of government at a federal level is a clear and present danger to our Federation and to the individual.

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About Senator James McGrath

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, James spent his childhood across regional Queensland.

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