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    Stop Building Walls and Start Building Dams

    Queensland LNP Senator James McGrath has today called on the state Labor government to stop building walls between the city and the bush and instead work with the federal government to start building dams.

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    Menzies Research Centre at the Fair Work Bills Inquiry

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    I, and also on behalf of Senators McDonald, Stoker, Watt, Scarr and Rennick, move:

    That the Senate—

    (a) notes that:

    (i) southern Queensland and northeast New South Wales have experienced devastating fires since last Friday,

    (ii) while conditions have eased, the fire situation remains volatile, and

    (iii) there are still around 120 fires burning across Queensland and New South Wales;

    (b) further notes that the full impact of the fires is still being assessed; and

    (c) recognises and applauds the ongoing professionalism and dedication of the career and volunteer emergency personnel fighting these fires.

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    Senator James McGrath

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