Lower taxes. Smaller Government. Greater Freedom.

James McGrath

Senator for Queensland, Liberal National Party

New Armoured Vehicles Contract Signed

The Liberal National Coalition Government has signed the contract with Rheinmetall for the delivery of 211 armoured combat reconnaissance vehicles which will provide vital mobility, lethality and protection capability for the Australian Army. These world class...

Round three of the Safer Communities Fund applications now open

The Hon Alex Hawke MP Assistant Minister for Home Affairs MEDIA RELEASE Applications for round three of the Safer Communities Fund are now open The program delivers on the Coalition’s ongoing commitment to keep Australians safe and secure The Coalition Government has...

Greens Proposed Change to Parliamentary Prayer Tradition Slammed

Queensland LNP Senator James McGrath has slammed the Greens-backed push to remove any reference to God and the Lord’s Prayer from the proceedings of the Senate. Green’s Senator Lee Rhiannon’s motion to remove references to God and the Lord’s Prayer from the Senate has...

Maiden Speech

14 July 2014

The ying to the yang of low tax is small government—government that trusts people to make their own decisions. In Australia today the growth and centralisation of government at a federal level is a clear and present danger to our Federation and to the individual.

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About Senator James McGrath

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, James spent his childhood across regional Queensland.

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