Media Release: Labor & Greens Reject Inquiry Into Artificial Intelligence

Labor and the Greens have voted down a motion by Queensland Senator James McGrath to establish a Joint Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

With the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Coalition has recognised both the opportunity that AI presents as well as the potentially severe threat AI could have to the nation’s sovereignty and national security.

Senator James McGrath said Artificial Intelligence has the capability to become one of the greatest technological advancements since the steam engine.

“With the potential to revolutionize our technological, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and education sectors, AI presents unique and significant opportunities for the Australian economy through job creation and boosting productivity growth. However, AI additionally poses a severe threat to our sovereignty, our national security and to job security,” said Senator McGrath.

“It’s incredibly concerning that both Labor and the Greens are not open to an inquiry on something of this magnitude that has the power to change everything. It’s disappointing to see that both the Greens and Labor’s approach to this inquiry is to stick their head in a bucket of sand,” Senator James McGrath said.

“The Parliament is perfectly positioned to examine Artificial Intelligence through a multi-party committee to develop thoughtful recommendations and observations to assist the design of appropriate regulatory architecture.”

Senator McGrath and the Coalition are both seeking to investigate the opportunities and threats arising from AI and further seeking to explore legislative mechanisms to support the Australian economy whilst safeguarding against the potential risks AI poses to the Australian people.