Media Release: Senator Calls For Divisive Sign To Be Removed

LNP Senator for Queensland, James McGrath, calls for the immediate removal of a divisive sign which was found in Parliament House early last week labelling a room that is only to be accessible by one racial group.

Senator McGrath said it was concerning that the Albanese Labor Government thought it acceptable to have reserved rooms for one group of Australians, in particular a private space for one racial group in Parliament House.

“This is wrong. As Australians, your Parliament House should be a place of unity not racial division,” said Senator James McGrath.

“This has gobsmacked a large majority of Australians, and it is a perfect example of what would of happened had Prime Minister Albanese’s Voice Referendum succeeded.”

“I’m calling on the President of the Senate to remove this sign immediately, as well as any others that are similarly divisive. I also ask for confirmation that all rooms in the Senate are open to all Australians regardless of their race,” Senator McGrath said.

“Parliament House is for all Australians, and it must remain a place that embodies our democratic principles of unity and equality at all times.”

Labor’s focus on their own woke agenda is hurting Australians more than ever whilst they grapple with a cost-of-living crisis, crime crisis and more. It’s time for the Albanese Government to wake up and start putting all Australians first.